Join Our Team

The Kiss Philosophy!



  • We expect you to show up when scheduled & on-time

  • We expect you to have reliable transportation

  • We expect you to be able to work without a cellphone!

  • We expect you to be able to wash/dry supplied work swag

  • We expect you to be respectful to yourself & to co-workers

  • We expect a notice if you have the opportunity to better yourself!

  • We expect you to put the customer first!


  • Do Not apply if you don’t want to work

  • Do Not apply if you can’t go without a cell phone for an hour

  • Do Not apply if you can’t take constructive criticism

  • Do Not apply if you like to pretend your cell phone died to justify not showing for a shit

  • Do Not apply if you think that 1 “no call, no show” is acceptable!

  • Do Not apply if you’re easily offended!



Keep It Simple Stupid!

We live in an overly complicated world full of information. When you’re employed at the Warehouse we don’t believe in micro-managing you and drowning you in policy. We keep it simple but we expect you’re all when you’re here!

If this sounds like you we welcome you to apply to be part of our fun, hardworking Cue Crew!